Download my 2022 calendar!

Time is confusing.

That’s why I’m a great fan of calendars. I have a digital calendar on my phone, a paper calendar on my wall, a notebook calendar on my desk, and a desktop wallpaper with a calendar on my computer for good measure.

(Does it mean I know what day it is? Not at all, but that’s beside the point.)

If you share my enthusiasm for calendars, I have designed not one, but two calendars that you can download for free – one printable one and one for your computer desktop – featuring some of the pictures I drew during this year’s October drawing challenge.

The print version is a size A4 PDF file and it includes 12 drawings on white background (in order not to kill your printer).
The digital version is a zipped folder containing PNG files in 1920×1080 resolution and it includes 12 drawings on black background (in order not to kill your eyes).

Oh, and they come in 2 language versions. (Jest wersja polska!)

You can download them using the buttons below 🙂


PS The calendars are free, but if you really really really like them, you can tip me on ko-fi: 🙂 Thanks!

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